Orange Julius Huel

I don’t know about you but I love Orange Julius. I was hesitant to use oranges as I didn’t read much about people blending citrus fruits with huel but my husband and I love this recipie I made so much I have to share! If you like orange Julius you will love this. You can adjust the amount of huel as you would like, I only wanted a 400 calorie meal and there are a lot of calories in navel oranges, and honey. With one scoop of huel this is a 415 calorie drink, suitable for a light dinner.

1 scoop of vanilla flavored huel 38 (g)
1 Navel Orange
250 Ml coconut water (I used coco libre)
1 cup of ice cubes
2 Tsps honey
1 packet of Truvia sweetener if desired (will make sweet like an orange Julius)!


Things I had to Google as a Briton:

  • Orange Julius
  • Navel Orange
  • Coco libre
  • Truvia

This all sounds good though! Interestingly wikipedia says that Navel Oranges aren’t suitable for juicing?! Clearly they haven’t tried your take on Orange Julius Huel!

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Tim,

It’s so awesome that you all actually write on these forums. I’m from the US, but I always thought the UK had better taste in fashion, and rock-n-roll. Also love the accent. I try to practice my fake one all the time. Anyway I’d never heard that you shouldn’t juice navel oranges, so I looked it up too. I like the navel oranges with the huel because they are sweeter. The Orange Julius is like an orange flavored milk shake. I love them and when I was a teenager, I’d often make a meal out of them. So it’s great to see how to do that with healthy huel, LOL! And no sugar headache afterwards.