Order of sweetness

I’d really like to see a list of huel white flavours ordered from most to least sweet according to the amounts of sucralose they contain. Also the same for huel black according to amounts of coconut sugar and stevia.
I think this would help myself and others pick new flavours to try that we are more likely to enjoy. I first tried white original and found it far too sweet. I’ve tried mixing it with UU but a 50:50 mix is too bland and any other proportion is just inconvenient when in a rush. White vanilla is a bit too sweet on the first sip then seems to mellow to be just right. I don’t want to risk trying any other flavours unless I know the sweetness will be more similar to vanilla than original.

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Hey Barney, welcome to Huel!

I get where you’re coming from. The v3.0 flavours and Black Edition flavours all contain around the same amount of sweetener/s.

What’s probably going to matter more is the actual flavour, for example chocolate is probably going to taste less sweet than salted caramel because of the bitterness from the cocoa powder. It’s also kind of subjective so best for other Hueligans to weigh in with their thoughts.

Yeah this is an interesting one for me because I personally find vanilla to be far too sweet, but original is delicious. So it’s difficult to say anything for definite when taste is so subjective.

But chocolate is nice if you don’t want something too sweet. It’s quite earthy rather than sweet. I wasn’t keen on it at first but it really grew on me and I’m a big fan now.

Berry is one of my favourites, it’s sweet but has a mellow aftertaste so it’s not sickly and is easy to drink.

The pumpkin spice flavour boost was also really nice to counter the sweetness.

But obviously it’s difficult to say for sure especially since we clearly have very different tastes!

Yes, echoing the other replies, it would be difficult to have a definitive ‘guide’ for sweetness when the base amount of sweetener in the different products is the same.

Sweetness in the literal sense refers to gustatory perception, or to taste impressions from the taste receptors primarily on your tongue. Sweetness does not refer to the chemical composition of the foods themselves but is an attribute of perceived taste.

In this regard – everybody’s perception is different – so you will get no consensus. I love the taste of Original and Strawberries and Cream but do find them a little too sweet so ‘cutting them’ with 50% vanilla makes a nice balance for me whereas you found it bland for example.

Wow, thanks for the replies. Crazy how our taste perception is so different!
Phil, it was mixing original with unflavoured I found too bland, not original with vanilla. I think I’ll just need to experiment to find the perfect mix of flavours and UU and weigh it out each time.
I’ve ordered a bag of black strawberries and cream to try as I’m curious to see if it’s just the sucralose I’m very sensitive to.

I really like the black strawberries and cream (could be less sweet if anything) and also vanilla and wondering if to keep to these or try anything else next time. Thinking of Black banana and then ordering strawberries and cream or vanilla to play safe.

If you like black vanilla and strawberries, I think you’ll love banana. Those three are my favorite. I’d caution against the salted caramel. Very sweet. Chocolate is nice too, but very divisive so I’m not sure I’d want to recommend that to you!