Ordering huel

If you are doing huel 100% . How much should you order for a month.

Great question! The answer to that question is not quite as simple as you would like though. Everyone is different and like with normal food, everyone requires a different amount.

What you first need to do is assess how many calories a day you need, from there you can work out how much Huel you would eat.

Have a look on our website’s how to use page here to get started - http://huel.com/pages/how-to-use-huel

For example, I am Male, 25, 181cm, 83kg and lightly active. Therefore need 2,532 Calories/day to maintain my weight.

If I wanted to use Huel 100%, I would need 78492 kcal per month. Because each pouch contains 7000 kcal I know I need just over 11 pouches per month.

Does that help?