Oreo/cookies & cream booster + bigger bars


So i have always loved milkshake and think of huel as being almost a completely nourishing mikkshake. Since I was 14 and addicted to oreo shakes I wished it could be nourishing. So would it be possible for huel to work their magic and make a flavour of it, thus making a less unhealthy version of the flavour with their incredible ingredient replacements??

Also the bars taste great and are a fantastic price when bought in bulk. However they are a bit too small for me, and eating 2 is expensive again. I have decided to try having an apple or something alongside it but wondered if there are any considerations for say… a 100g or 150g version??


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ooh cookies and cream sounds good.

Also peanut butter, mmmm.

Cookies and cream would be an awesome flavour for the Xmas Huel!

Hint hint huel team if you read this! :joy::wink: