Original Flavour Huel is Back!

tried another this morning - this time mixed it with some UU to dial down the sweetness - much closer to how I remember 2.3 being.

I’ve been ordering Huel since Original was the only flavour available and I was very disappointed when it was no longer available, so I thought I’d add my own opinion as well.

For me, the new original is absolutely fine. It’s close enough that I wouldn’t notice any difference if I wasn’t actively trying to and any differences I can detect might actually be for the better.

However, it may be worth noting that I didn’t necessarily think Original tasted amazing; I bought it primarily because I disliked the other flavours. Vanilla was intended to replace Original and I can’t stand how sweet and artificial it tastes compared to the much more subtle flavours of Original*. And the other flavours have always tasted very…raw? Like something you might get at an overpriced cafe that markets itself as vegan and organic. Until Original came back, I found that mixing Vanilla with Unflavoured at a ratio of 3:1 was the best substitute outside of adding a flavour boost so I’m glad things will now be simpler for me!

*I was very shocked to discover that this is the complete opposite to reality!

Keep an eye out for the all new ‘almost oaty’ :wink:


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Thanks for all the feedback on Original v3.0. It was really tough to get even close. Appreciate that many of you don’t think it’s close and I can see the frustrations you have.

I would also reiterate that we acknowledge it is not the exact same taste, but it’s as good as we could get to. I think that comparing it directly side by side isn’t going to be that helpful, since we know it doesn’t taste identical. I realise this isn’t a good response but over time I do think you’ll like it, it’s a good flavour and although not exactly the same is a nice addition to the range of flavours.


In other words, “don’t compare it side by side because then you’ll realise how much better the old one was.” You’re right, I wish I hadn’t, and now that I think about it I wish it hadn’t been made at all because it just made the departure of the real one so much sadder. I had made my closure and then this mediocre thing came along and ruined it. It may sound dramatic but it’s how I feel. Not that you care as long as you make money off your “natural” stuff.

Appreciate that, but for consumers the bottom line is: you already know how to make it!

Is making it off the table now basically because of a marketing rule that you’ll only use natural flavours?

The whole Original vs Vanilla vs new Original comparison seems so strange. I think I’ve read that the old Original actually uses more sucralose than Vanilla, but Vanilla tastes much sweeter to me. And the new Original, with natural flavours, tastes more artificial to me. I don’t know what black magic is at work that makes everything seem opposite!

Other Hueligans: has anyone had any luck sweetening U&U directly, and if so with what? I’m presently only just tolerating the new Original and am considering alternatives.

I tried 50/50 UU and new Original that worked quite well.

Ah, I was thinking with something else entirely. I’ve been doing 2/3 U&U and 1/3 Original for ages now, but still don’t like the new Original even in that proportion. I was wondering about just adding stevia or sucralose to 100% U&U.

the 50/50 split seems to be a good mix for me. I also use ginger powder or paste (I use a ginger & red date (Jujube) paste) a lot as a flavouring or if I want any additional sweetness I sub some of the water for prune juice. Because 3 is a little thinner in consistency than 2.3 - if I want a thicker shake I add 3 or 4 pieces of dried fruit into the blender with it - this gives it some sweetness and taste but also thickens it a lot more than you’d imagine.

I was so chuffed to be getting v3.0 Original, but sadly to me it takes more like Vanilla/New&Improved than real Original. It’s better than Vanilla but not nice enough to tempt me back.

I’ll see how long I can go switching from chocolate to mint and back. I’ve was 100% Huel using Original for years now and with Original, taste/variety never came into it at all. I just went and went. For some reason any other flavour I’ve tried starts turning me off after a week or two and I start wishing for something else. I cycle between flavours, but the time it takes to start getting sick of one drops with each cycle.

I am interested in the answer to Simon’s question, too. Does ist work for v3? Does it work for Black Edition?

I have just tried v3 Original. I don’t have any v2.3 left to compare but to me it tastes pretty similar. I like it. Well done team Huel :+1:
So far my guts aren’t complaining so will see how it goes :crossed_fingers:


That’s great to hear Bee, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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This wasn’t the case with me, I’m afraid.

I tried “New & Improved” when it first came out and properly detested it, immediately going back to Original and being assured by @Julian that Original would never be phased out.

Last month, having missed all the version change news on the forum, I opened a packet that was delivered in November, took one sip of my first mix and went “Yeuch!!” I then made the assumption that there’s been a packaging mix-up, as I clearly had a “New & Improved” rather than Original.

When I found out that yes, Original is now New & Improved, relabelled as Original, the bottom fell out of my world. Three and a half years, and now my supply has been permanently cut. I have four bags of v.2.3 left. After that, I’m cast adrift into the wilderness…

Anyway, for me, the flavour of v.3.0 is nowhere close to Original 2.3, and I honestly don’t think the gains you’ve made with the change are worth the losses.

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@Lighteater we have relaunched Original, see here…



I know, and that’s the problem (for me).

Version 2.3 is what I’ve been consuming on a daily basis for almost four years.

Version 3.0 is (to me) very similar to what was called “New & Improved”, which I really, really don’t like.

Hence, I’m currently stuck as to how to proceed, once my current stock of v.2.3 has gone.

@Lighteater when you say “new and improved” I think you are talking about the new vanilla. Which is now just called vanilla. Original doesn’t take like vanilla.

v3.0 is available in 8 flavours.

I’m not sure why this is so confusing - for me, and even to you!

I’ve had the same subscription to the same product for the past 3+ years. The product that came through in November was unchanged by me, as the subscriber, but changed by you, the supplier. This was obvious from the first sip. I contacted Support and told them I thought there’d been a mix-up in the packaging. It was only then I was told that v.2.3 Original has been discontinued, and what I was tasting (and disliking) was v.3.0 Original.

Then she suggested I try experimenting with a mix of vanilla and Unflavoured to attempt to recreate the perfectly good v.2.3 that you no longer make. She very kindly sent me a bag of each, but I see my Huel future, and right now, it looks like a right faff.

Hope that clears things up?

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I said my sad goodbyes to my last Original 2.3 about two months ago. I still like Black Edition, but nothing comes close to 2.3, certainly not the watered down-tasting new version. I believe this is a consequence of Huel going “all-natural”, apparently to adapt to popular trends. This was discussed here.
I’ve seen suprisingly few complaints about it from people who liked Original, it’s like night and day to me.
Then again I guess I’m done complaining about it since it’s doubtful they would bring it back.

The main change from v2.3 to v3 was that part of the oats was replaced by tapioca starch. Maybe it would help to mix v3 with some oats yourself.