Original Flavour Huel is Back!

I can’t tell you how good it is to read this! I was starting to feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.

I’ll give Black a go. I will try mixing, too, but that’ll be the entire convenience element out of the window. I’ll be like some medieval alchemist, mixing potions and powders late into the night, desperately trying to recreate the now mythical 2.3 that the Huel gods mysteriously took away from the world…

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Tapioca??? That explains a lot. I remember being force-fed that sh*t by overweight dinner ladies at my primary school in the 1970s. I hated it then, and I still hate it now.

What the hell was wrong with just straightforward oats?

not really - they used a small amount of tapioca flour as well as oats to smoothen out the texture a little. The flour has a neutral taste.

there is an article here explaining the principle changes made.

as you will see - this was one small change out of a raft of others.

I was being a bit overblown for comic effect. I’m still deeply saddened by the loss of 2.3 though.

I feel like you’re just a little late joining the conversation :laughing: don’t worry you weren’t alone. I assure you there was a lot of chatter here about v2.3 Original and v3.0 Original, just earlier on last year!

Hi @Tim_Huel

Thank you for your post. It made me think of a couple of pieces of constructive feedback over this…situation - I assume you’re up for that?

First, I’ve been a Huel subscriber for over three years, always buying Original, never anything else. So for me (and others on here) when 2.3 was discontinued and replaced by 3.0, that’s an entirely different product. Now, I appreciate there was forum activity on this topic, but I was off the forum for most of last year and missed it all. In any case, it’s not right to expect all your customers to get their info just from the forum or from the site. My subscription was running along fine and I had no need to access either. In my view, from a business perspective, Huel should have called me (or at least written) to tell me that the product I’d been thoroughly enjoying for 3+ years would be no longer available after x date. Given your focus on providing excellent customer service, I’m very surprised this never happened.

Second, and closely related, that was also an opportunity missed. Had you called me in, say, July, to tell me the 2.3 news, I’d have bought every bag I could afford at that time. Seriously - I’d have stocked up to the wazoo!

I’m absolutely gutted that 2.3 has gone for good. However, I still have 4-5 bags left and, in the meantime, I’ll play with unsweetened, vanilla, Black and the H&S range, just to see if there’s anything that will keep me as a customer. I so don’t want to walk away from Huel, but you killed the one thing I loved…

PS / Edit I’ve just thought of one more, on a more technical note. On the evening of January 5th, I placed an order (that arrived perfectly, thank you). At 7.07pm that day, I got the usual order confirmation email from Huel. So far so good. Three minutes later I got the “You’re officially a Hueligan” email, presumably because this was my first subscription order after I cancelled my last one because of the move to 3.0. Still, all good. However THEN, at 7.57pm on the same day, I got an email with the title “You’ve left us behind”, telling me that I’d abandoned my basket / order, which is now saved, and it gave me a link to go and Checkout!! This is almost an hour AFTER my order had been confirmed! That one needs chucking over to the IT team to sort out, as it is a bit unnerving.

are they still OK? from what I remember when they were selling off in the Outlet the maximum expiry date on the product was July/August last year? would be interested to know how they are because a minimum of 5-6 months past their BBE is quite a chunk of time.

Thanks for the heads-up! I just checked and they are all June 2021, so we’re all good.

Robert, of course we’re up for constructive feedback.

I agree, that’s why we emailed every person with an active subscription to Original to let them know everything about the change - as we always do. I notice on another thread you have suggested we didn’t email people about the change in flavour about Vanilla Black Edition - that is also not true.

The reason you wouldn’t have received an email informing you about the changes in Original is because you were not subscribed at the time - perhaps you had cancelled temporarily. We only email people who are on a subscription at the time. In addition we then put it in subscription activation comms to catch anyone who starts their subscription after we sent the email. As you didn’t have a sub at the time we didn’t email you.

I don’t really know what to say about this. We can’t individually phone every customer when we make changes to formulas, we don’t have the team, the capacity, the time. I’m sorry if that is disappointing to you :confused:

As above, emails were sent to all customers with an active subscription.

I appreciate you are frustrated by us changing from v2.3 to v3.0 Original but we honestly did everything we could to let customers know about the change.

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Nope. I occasionally change my delivery dates but my subscription only got cancelled once, and that was last month, once I found out about the change. At the time of the change (August?) it was rolling along quite happily. Perhaps it was a glitch in the system? Like the one that sent me the You Left Us Behind email, when I definitely hadn’t?

Anyway, thanks for coming back to me, as ever. Always appreciated.

From what I heard, they were going to send @Tim_Huel around to every subscribers house to break the news personally. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and Tim found him self on permanent lock-in in his local public house, with only some Huel H&S for company.

This corvid nonsense has a lot to answer for.

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Damn crows!


It’s not just avian flu with them


Sorry I’m missing this a bit, could you. Both please call me and let me know to what it is you are referring.

Talort, this above.


It doesn’t taste like Original now, either, @Julian :neutral_face:

Look, I know there are people on here equally upset as I am at the loss of v2.3. I’ve also had some pushback - Let it go. Stop whinging. Move on. Get over it. All that sort of stuff.

But here’s the thing. For me, v.2.3 was like your Coke, or your Guiness. A perfect product in every sense of the word. And few people would suggest that either of those products should be ditched entirely (almost wrote "canned’ there, before realising that could be misconstrued). Of course, there’s cherry coke, max coke, diet coke and so on, and that’s all fine…but there’s still COKE!

I’m happy that Huel are forever moving forward, trying new things, upgrading and ever striving for better products. That’s the route to success. However, I see no necessity at all to ditch v.2.3 which, in my view, was your best product ever. Your Guiness moment, if you will. Please give serious consideration to bringing it back into production. No amount of alchemy in my kitchen is getting me anywhere close - plus, buggering around with 2-3 bags open and trying to find the perfect combination does somewhat compromise the “convenience” angle.

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Robert, we have heard you, listened, replied, but I’m afraid we aren’t bringing v2.3 Original back. These were conversations we had firstly back in December 2019 and then March 2020. It’s also not ok to be raising this in other unrelated topics, that’s part of the rules and guidance of the forum.

Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

And you have done that here - 1, 2, 3, 4. Plus other borderline examples where the input didn’t benefit the conversation.

We have acknowledged that v3.0 Original doesn’t taste the same as v2.3 Original, Julian said this back 10 months ago. It is the best we can do.

I feel like you need to have a go with Vanilla/Unflavoured mix and settle in to using this combination. Like with many things, they can seem different at first but once we have/use them for a period of time we forget what the old one was like.

I’m sorry you aren’t happy, but you have shared your views, we have listened, but this time we can’t implement it.


Hi @Tim_Huel

I hear you - though, with respect, I can’t see how talking about the flavour of Original Huel in a thread entitled “Original Huel Flavour is Back” is diverting the topic! It IS the topic! I also dispute your claim that it’s the best you can do. Version 2.3 was the best you’ve ever done.

OK, my lips are sealed from here on in regarding this topic. You have my word. I will leave you with one final thought, though. It’s disingenuous of Huel to call the current product “Original”. It’s not. Another way to look at it is - how many tweaks and upgrades and changes can you make to a product before the “Original” badge becomes essentially meaningless? I would suggest you’ve already passed that point some time back.

Nutritionally complete food for thought…

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Just drawing that line _____________________________________________

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:clap: :clap: Agreed, it’s an insult to the name. It also baffles me how some have pointed out that it’s “sweeter” - I guess that shows how taste buds can differ. If sweeter had been my perception, I may have actually liked it. What I taste is something vaguely similar to 2.3 but with at least 50% of the flavour removed.
…and now I’ll shut up about it too.