P90x with Huel

Hi All.

First let me say hello, first time user and first time on the forum.

I’ve decided to start the P90x workout and hoping I can fill my nutrition needs with Huel. Due to living in a hotel or b&b most weeks it’s impossible to cook, so Huel will definitely help with that side, however the P90x comes with its own nutrition plan which differs to Huel in terms of protein and carbs intake. I’m hoping someone on here that has experience with Huel might be able to inform me what would be best to blend with Huel to meet the requirements such as fruit or nuts etc. At the moment I’ve calculated I need 2400 calls on stage 1 off the program. You can find the nutrition plan here

Thanks for reading and any advice would be awesome.

So looking around I found the new p90x3 uses a macro of 30-40-30 (protein, carbs, fats) so not too far away from Huel :smile:

I did P90x several years ago. What are your aims fitness wise?

p90x is a killer!

I would just use Huel as is, you’ll be sound!

#ElectroDan I just want to get fit, and toned up. I had a live on junk food for to long.

#t00sp00ky that’s what I’m thinking, I’m just going to eat some fruit as snacks during the day.

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I am afraid to try Huel and P90x at the same time… Afraid of turning into a SUPER HERO.

And I am currently out of shape…

JUST DO IT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0