Particles stuck in larynx (voice box)

I’ve done quite a few 100% Huel days recently, and one problem I’ve encountered is that some of the particles are getting stuck in my larynx (voice box). I then spend much of the day trying to clear my throat, without much success. I just end up giving myself a sore throat from trying. Drinking water doesn’t help either. The only thing that seems to make much difference in sweeping away whatever particles are stuck there is to eat normal food.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve occasionally found I get a bit of flaxseed stuck in my throat (I think; that’s what it feels like and flaxseed is the only lump left in my shakes as I blend them thoroughly). It seems to be when I’m drinking a very thick shake and/or drinking slowly (little sips, slowly swallowing rather than gulping a mouthful down), though not regularly, just a few times in maybe a month or two. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing as I find a swig of water sorts it right out.

If particles are getting stuck in your larynx (not just your throat), it could mean that your swallow reflex isn’t working efficiently as some food may be entering your upper trachea. This could mean you’re aspirating and this increases risk of chest infection. I’d see your doctor.

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I also have had the impression of particles stuck to one of my tonsils.