Why do i keep getting ill?

This past month i have had a cold, tonsillitis, chesty cough and another cold. I drink 3 scoops every day in the week and normal food on the weekend. I constantly feel like my immune system is pants. Plus if my 19 month old daughter gets ill i have no chance. Thinking of getting Vitamin C supplements. Would i be overdosing on Vit C added with Huel? Just fed up of being ill all the time.

Did you have antibiotics for the tonsillitis?

You are unlikely to overdose on Vitamin C as it is water soluble and isn’t stored in your body. I also doubt that Huel is having a negative affect on your immune system. Some people are just more prone to getting colds etc. I haven’t had a cold or cough in about 4 years, never had tonsillitis. Used to get croup as a kid, and my lungs aren’t the greatest (not due to unhealthy habits but due to being born 2 months premature), I tend to stay away from people tho…


I have been through times when I succombed to every bug going, then go for years without even catching a cold. I rarely get colds these days, but now I am retired I can choose when to have contact with people…or not :grin:


Yes completed the course. My throat still hurt a week after cos it was so bad. My throat feels fine now, I just feel crap in general :sweat_smile:

People do suck :rofl:


Sounds like your system has been knocked sideways and it’s taking a while to recover. Hope things pick up for you soon. I think Huel is the best possible food for you right now.


Are you in London? It’s definitely doing the rounds here :mask:

Vitamin C with Zinc effervescents I usually like having, don’t know if they actually help though. If your only having 3 scoops of Huel a day it might be worth having a multivitamin? To build your defences up, unless your getting enough vitamins in your other meals.

Corby. About 90 miles north of London. Weather and working in a big open planned air conditioned office doesnt help im sure.

I have at a proper dinner in the evening and recently another day time meal aswell. I got some 500mg Vit C chewables from tesco today, see if they help.

You say you have 3 scoops a day, is that one shake? what else do you eat on these days? If the only source of some vitamins is from a single shake then you’d only be getting like 25% of your RDA

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I have at a proper dinner in the evening and recently another day time meal aswell. I got some 500mg Vit C chewables from tesco today, see if they help.

Perhaps you have an allergy to Raging Speedhorn.

Just had to google that. Wow! A Cobry heavy metal group! :metal:I’ve not had the delight of seeing them perform :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have seen them several times. It is the only thing I know about Corby. They tell me is is quite grim.

Welcome back Dave.


Yeh it used to be quite decent about 5 years ago but its pretty crap these days.

It’s also worth taking Echinacea for a while to help boost your immune system. I take the Vogel’s Echinacea tablets from time to time when I’m feeling a bit vulnerable. But like many here I also just try to avoid people!


Ooh I’ve never heard of that before. Defo gonna check it out. Cheers! :+1: