Why do i keep getting ill?

Hmmm… t sounds like you are not eating enough and that’s why your defences are low, you say you have one huel meal and one dinner AND RECENTLY one more meal? That doesn’t sound like enough and we can’t tell the size of your “proper dinner”… and your “extra” meal of the last days… if I were you I’d try 2 huels (3 scoops each) and one dinner

Yeh i probably did the intermittent fasting a bit too long & broke it with huel & dinner in the evening. Think it’s come to bite me on the bottom. Think I’ll go back to 2 regular meals a day with huel.

Do you keep a check on your calorie intake and is your regular food meal balanced and healthy?

Yeh my dinners are well balanced home cooked meals, generous portions.

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