Tried my first PB bar today, 2nd to Chocolate & Orange in taste for me.

PB bars finally delivered this morning after a 4 day hold for customs inspection (predictably the box hadn’t been opened or inspected) really like the taste and texture a lot. I have no frame of reference for other flavour bars but it was a nice sized snack. Out of curiosity I also had some PB flavour boost delivered along with Pumpkin Spice and replacements of the Christmas Kryptonite that fell foul of the Dyson.

Given other people’s assessment of the flavour boost, I suspect it will be like PB2 - where you need a lot more than 3g to get a taste (PB2 I usually add 10 or more) so will try that later.

Update: I tried the Peanut Butter flavour boost left for an hour in the refrigerator – I guestimated how much to use (10g) and the flavour strength was fine – used with a 50/50 split of UU and Vanilla the taste was not unlike that of the bars. I think any less than that though and the taste would have been overwhelmed – but the same is true of PB2.


I would really like to try One of each bar before buying whole Boxes, same with the RTD-bottles. Would this be possible?

You can add single bars to your basket. Last time I checked, the new PB bars were unavailable as singles, but no doubt they’ll add them in time.

Edit: just looked again. When you add a product to your basket, a pop up box lets you add extra products. Huel Bars are there (£1.45 each in the UK). You can’t add PB bars yet, or RTD currently. You could add RTD in the past because I did it.

You can also get this box to pop up from the basket page, if you click the add products button.

Ocado have them (at a price)

But not the new PB.

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Cant order singles bars from the european store? Doesnt work for me, the swedish store anyway… If anyone want to sell me one or two of each bar/RTD I would appreciate it, ofcourse I would pay the shipping cost.

The option to add the single items only comes up the first time you add something to your cart each visit. If you don’t choose everything you want, you can’t get back to the menu.
You’ll need to close the Huel tab in your browser, clear the cookies from your browser for the last hour, then the next time you add something to your cart, the option will be available again.

Yeah, but I can only add Huel black, berry RTD and vanilla RTD. Not the bars and not chocolate RTD, why cant european customers add those?

I am still interested if someone could sell me One of each bar and RTD, please send me a message of so :slight_smile: .

I received this and salted caramel today and wow.

The difference between this and previous versions is huge.

I’ve tried every version and most flavours since v1, and this is the first version that I not only didn’t struggle to finish it, but actually enjoyed the taste and texture, so much so that I had a second one.

This it the first time I tried salted caramel and that was pretty good too, but the peanut butter one is top notch. It’s definitely one of the better ‘snack’ bars that I’ve tried, including breakfast bars, nut bars and protein bars.

Good job Huel! :+1:


Thanks for increasing our bar repertoire, especially during these difficult days. I am looking forward to trying these.

Now then, about the Lime & Chilli flavour I’ve suggested previously. I will never give up on this, and will happily taste test 100 variations to help get the balance of savoury zing I desperately crave. Could this be a future flavour?

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:heart_eyes: Ah thanks so much Andrew, what a lovely message to read. They’re delicious right? Great to hear you agree, really appreciate you taking the time out to post this too.

The challenge now is to try not to eat them all at once…


this afternoons snack was, what many would think as gross, spreading some Marmite on a PB bar - tasted great!


That should work. In fact since Marmite launched their marmite pb blend I don’t eat marmite or PB on their own…I never actually tried their version but just use own branded Yeast extract and peanut butter using PB made with just peanuts. It’s greaaaaat. As Tony the Tiger would say.


yes, someone brought me a jar of the Peanut Butter Marmite from the UK earlier this year - thats what triggered todays experiment.

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This would be awesome

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I have these ingredients. I’ll check back in at midday, I’m excited but also scared.



Just added at my next order, I have to wait a couple of weeks, can’t wait to try it!

How is everyone doing?

I am part way through my box of peanut butter bars and can’t make my mind up about them. I don’t dislike them, they are peanutty enough, but can’t say I really love them either (sorry Huel :speak_no_evil:). I still much prefer the salted caramel ones over these so they are what I’ll be ordering from now on.

how did it go? I’ve gotten quite addicted to this combo now.