PERFECT Huel combination! (for newcomers)

Do you find plain Huel too difficult to have for every meal?

Can’t afford an expensive blender or fancy ingredients?

Want to convert a friend to Huel?

I have the (or one) answer! Combine 1 part Vanilla Huel with 2 parts yoghurt. Whip it up with a spoon and you’re good to go. I use live sheep’s milk yoghurt but any Greek style or Skyr will also work. I don’t know enough about non-animal yoghurts but I’m sure coconut or almond would work beautifully too (though make sure you get the unsweetened varieties).

Honestly this combo is beyond delicious! It’s better than the fanciest honey-drenched granola. The slightly fibrous texture of the Huel with the creaminess of yoghurt creates a perfect texture in my opinion, while the sweet vanilla flavour combines beautifully with the sourness of fresh yoghurt. It’s also incredibly quick to make and clear up and is very affordable (at only 30p-£1(depending on yoghurt) more expensive per meal)

It’s so good that it is a great way to get skeptical friends and family to join the Huel revolution, as some people find the Huel + water combination a bit too radical a change from their normal conception of food.


I can confirm this, it’s particularly nice with the Alpro yoghurts, the consistency is lovely


Mmm, does sound nice. Is it very filling? I can’t stand being hungry, so I wouldn’t want to end up eating more because of an issue like that. I like mixing it with tahini and cocoa powder, makes a halva like product. Think is rather expensive though, certainly more so than yogurt generally.

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Very filling, very delicious!

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Woah, dude. Love that.


Can anyone please help me to understand that? If I use 2 scoops of Huel, how much yoghurt exactly I need to add?

4 scoops of yogurt doesn’t seem to be right answer :slight_smile:

4 scoops would be right. Just double the amount of scoops you use for the Huel to get the amount of yoghurt you need.
So 1 scoop Huel with 2 scoops yoghurt, 2 scoops Huel with 4 scoops yoghurt, 3 scoops Huel with 6 scoops yoghurt and so on!
I think I might have to try this - our Huel only arrived this morning :slight_smile:

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Inspired! This is delicious. I mixed U/U with Yeo Valley fruit yoghurt, so wasn’t too sweet.

The texture is a little strange initially, very grainy - but not unpleasant. Might try adding a few nuts another time, for crunch.

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