Pleasantly Surprised

First day on Huel! I’m doing the recommended 3 days as breakfast only then breakfast and lunch…will see how I feel whether I want to go 100% after that.

So far I am VERY surprised in a positive way! I love the oaty taste and it made this morning a breeze knowing I didn’t have to prep breakfast. Just scoop, water and shake. Easy.

I am curious however about how your body reacts if switching between Huel 100% and normal food. I.e. If I was on Huel for all 3 meals or even just 2 would I experience a bad reaction if I were to go on holiday and enjoy some treats for a few days? Does anyone have any experience of this?

The common advice is to ease yourself into it. Start with a meal a day and work your way up to a 100%, and try that out for a few days.

I’m on 75% or so and have been for 18 months, and while 100% is no big problem, going back down to full food can lead to some… side effects. Especially if it’s a big meal with extra everything.

I’d suggest that if you’re going on a holiday and plan on not bringing any Huel with you, to step down your intake and prepare for food again for a few days. Either that or it turns out you have an iron gut. You’ll very quickly find out if you try a few transitions.