Plum Juice

So I stewed some plums the other night, and had to strain the excess juice.

At the same time my wife and I decided to get back on the Huel Diet…

Well can’t just let the plum juice go to waste, so I’ve been adding a bit to my Huel each meal - so yes, sugar… but mmm it’s so good. Plum Crumble drink!

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adding some prune juice to the shake is nice too - especially for those having chocolate premix and don’t like the ‘dirty’ or earthy taste of unsweetened chocolate - as this mellows out and amplifies the chocolate taste.

i always liked chinese shop plum sauce. the one that goes with duck wraps.

could never get the same thing to buy in shops.

anyway, i actually dont miss meat.

and sugar is baaad mkaay.

bad habit!

although fruit sugar is faar better than refined.

and “refined” is such a good word for a bad thing.


Plum juice. yuk terrible stuff, don’t even be tempted.

I’ll probably search out other similar juices for when the plum runs out, makes it enjoyable to drink