Possible wrong order

First time user. Ordered black cookies and cream but tastes like bland chocolate. Bag pouch is correct but curious if wrong product was added. Color is all brown when cookies and cream usually has a white vanilla color to it from competitors products.

Mixes very poorly and is grainy texture in multiple types of shakers. Flavor as stated is a bland chocolate and nothing like cookies or cream.

That’s the texture of Huel, yes, it’s not smooth as a smoothie! If you want that consistency, blend the powder in a blender.
I’ve never tried C&C, but from what I’ve read here on the forum and on Reddit, it has a predominant chocolate taste and missing the vanilla for someone.
I can’t answer the colour question.
What I suggest is to reach out to the customer service and provide your batch number.

Cookies and cream is very bland.i mixed it with huel chocolate protein powder to get through it and it was actually very nice like that

Hey Tyler, welcome to the forum, great profile picture :bat:

Huel definitely has a more beige colour! None of our Huels are really white. And as Luca has helpfully said, Huel is a little grainy. That’s because of the flaxseed and other ingredients, it’s all good nutritious stuff!

Really sorry that your first impression was a little underwhelming. Did you get any other flavours?

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