Post abdominoplasty recovery

Hello everyone.
I had major surgery last Friday so I am currently recovering at home. I’m so pleased I have Huel to provide me with all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients I need. I don’t have the appetite for eating solids much, so drinking my huel gives me the confidence and knowledge i am getting everything I need. It also means I’m not stood in the kitchen and trying to create something, as the discomfort is REAL!
Thanks so much Huel!


Hey Ben! So sorry to hear you’ve been through major surgery - I really hope your recovery is going well.

I’m delighted to hear Huel has helped make things a little easier on the nutrition front :black_heart: If there’s anything more we can do to support you getting back on your feet, just shout!

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Well… seeing as you ask! Any chance of the greens coming to Spain please?! Really want to try them, or even the nutrition bars :wink:

de donde vienes zippy ? yo soy belga pero vivo en Caceres ahora. me gustarian las latas (daily a-z), pero no la venden tampoco en espana. Intenté comprar en otros sitios web pero ningunos envian en espana. Que lastima

Hey I’m in Alicante :es:, but I’m English. A very interesting football match is going to take place on Sunday! :es: x :england:

I think Spain will win because they use Huel products :laughing:

Our Complete Nutrition Bars are already available in Spain :blush: Daily Greens is just a UK/US product for the time being, but hey, you never know what might happen down the line! :eyes: