Post-Huel Rebound

I’ve been eating Huel (and one of its competitors) as about 75% of my food intake for about 4 months. Most days I’ll have 3 meals of 100gm Huel and 1 “normal” meal. Occasionally I’ll go 100% Huel for a few days.

The other weekend I had a lazy, slobby weekend in with the family watching films and eating rubbish. Crisps, sweets, burgers, cakes, all the bad stuff.

It was great… BUT!!! Oh my God! My body’s not used to that level of unhealthiness anymore. I was so ill on the Monday after and it took several days back at 75% Huel to get back to what is now normal.

I used to be able to eat crap like that with no problem when I was eating a fair amount of it all the time but it seems my digestive system is now a damn site choosier than it used to be.

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The gut microbiota strikes again.

Having said that in jan I did 30 days at 100% Huel, the following day I had a pub lunch, and in the evening a steak and chips and luckily I hardly had any rebound. But we are all different.

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The sugars will have affected your gut osmolarity and this would have been a problem with the amount of food and fats you’ve eaten

Good to know. Had to look that term up. It’s interesting but not a subject you can skim-read. I’ll need to read it in a bit more depth.
However, it sounds like a plot device from an early Doctor Who series when they couldn’t think how to get out of a problem, like “reverse the polarity”.

Maybe James is the Face of Boe? He was all knowing too right?


Osmolarity is my new favourite word.


Bu that would mean I’m really, really old!

Sorry for using technical jargon, guys - I’ll make sure I translate in the future!

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Yeah, so no different to now? :wink:

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cheers, mate!

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