Powder Container for on the go!

Im relatively new to Huel, have only been using it for a few days but so far so good!
I think my only pet niggle is theres no easy way to transport powders for on-the-go people.

Having three children, we found the tommy tippee powder + bottle unit extremely useful, allowing us to store powders inside the baby’s water bottle along with the water at the same time.

Im sure people have seen this before, but something along the lines of: bottle

If Huel could include some sort of powder container that sat inside the drink dispenser I think alot of people would find this useful?


There are loads of shakers with built in storage on the market.


Here’s one with two containers :slight_smile:

These were really useful when we had kids:

Shame they don’t make bigger ones for Huel or protein powder. Or do they?

This would be very useful, I looked for one yesterday but I could not find anything big enough to hold my lunch (4-5 scoops). Any tips are appreciated!


edit… depends how small they are 200ml may be too little. These ones might be better.