Problem ordering 12 granola bags

Hi Huel team ,

Seems there is an issue ordering 12 granola bags, it won’t let me pick a international shipment method. I can order 11 bags or 13 bags , but not 12 … :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to do is actually maximize the efficiency costs and order the maximum number of bags before it jumps to the next shipment level. The max is weight is 5KG(for 40 GBP) - then it jumps to 53 GBP(for 5 to 8.1KG) . I guess the 12 bags actually falls exactly on the border between the two steps and causing a problem ?

I really hope it would be possible to order 12 bags before it jumps to the next level :slight_smile:


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Hey there! Thanks for raising this. I’ll fire it across to the dev team to take a look at. In the UK, and many countries, you can currently only add 8 boxes to your basket - so a little confused by this.

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Hi @Tim_Huel

Thanks for the answer.

You are right, the max number you can add is 8 per order, but you can make two orders or two subscriptions, or more for that purpose. For example 8 regular granolas and 3 berry granolas.

With international shipment I guess a lot of customers might want to maximize the number things they can receive in the shipment for the price they are paying (as outside of Europe it tends to be expensive). For me the steps are 40 GBP (less than 5 KG ) , 53 GBP (5 to 8.1 KG ) and 93 GBP (8.1 to 15KG).

Thanks for the assistance ! :slight_smile:

That should be fixed for you now! Could you let me know if it works?

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Yep , it’s fixed.

Thanks for the quick response, @Tim_Huel and @Chris_Huel. :slight_smile:

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