Problems going from U/U to Vanilla

Been on UU Huel for a good week and consumed between 1500-2000 calories of it with barely a niggle, felt fantastic apart from getting it to a bearable taste.

Got my first delivery of Vanilla Huel through on Wednesday and went fully into it on Thursday and Friday with 2 days of 2000 calories. Thursday I felt fine but Friday morning, I felt a little lethargic in the morning but managed to get my evening workout in but did miss my morning stretching session as I just felt a little off…Saturday morning, felt even more off and had to stop my morning workout half way through, had to stop a shopping trip half way through and then spent all Saturday afternoon and night in bed running to the toilet, shivering and very weak.

Has anyone else had issues making the switch? I did have solid food on Friday that might have been to blame so can’t say for sure it was Vanilla Huel but can’t stomach anything sweet at the minute :(.

I found that vanilla Huel would give me headaches. I tried UU and have not had any similar problems and feel absolutely fine with it. I assume it must be something in the vanilla sweetener that doesn’t agree with me.