Promoting Huel

Hi, I would like to promote Huel to social media followers of mine who I think would be interested.

I understand there’s a referral bonus, but does this only work within your own country? So for example, I’m in the UK. If someone in USA tries to join with my link, will it still work? Would they get $10 off and I get £10? Or is it only within your own country?

If the latter is the case, does Huel have any intention of launching some sort of influencer program, or do they already market through select influencers?

Whilst I’ll happily mention Huel to people regardless of any reward, it would be good to know exactly what incentives are in place, as I would be keen to promote it more heavily than just occasionally asking a friend ‘have you heard about Huel?’

It only works within your own country. I’ve tried referring friends who are currently living outside the UK and the discount doesn’t work.
I agree it would be good if the various databases linked up so you could refer friends in different countries, but I guess this would be a lot of work their end

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