Pukka Organic Latte

I’ve discovered that this is really nice mixed with vanilla Huel. I have only tried the turmeric gold so far but the other flavours might also be worth trying.

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First time post, and showing a new product… I dont know but smells like spam

I don’t think so. Unless the OP works for Nestle. They don’t really need to spam Huel.

I haven’t tried Huel with spam, but if you want to, let me know what it’s like :sweat_smile:

can I ask - how much are you using to flavour the shake? 2 teaspoons is 26 cal - and the serving suggestion is with 150ml of liquid. Is that enough when added to 4-500ml liquid in a Huel drink? to get a good flavour? if so it seems like a good option.

I’ve only tried mixing about 50ml so far and I added about 1/4 teaspoon of the latte powder. I’m going to try a full 500ml today so I’ll let you know.

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For breakfast today I’ve made:

400ml water
100ml oatly
100g Huel 3.0 vanilla
6 tsp pukka turmeric latte

It’s pretty nice but you could probably add just 4 tsp of the latte powder and it would be fine.


That’s quite a lot of pukka…and it’s not cheap stuff. Isn’t it about 5 quid a sachet? That’s probably over 1.50 per huel.

You are probably right. I’m just experimenting with flavours, I didn’t really work out the economics of having it every day. Makes a nice treat though.

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If its’s just the flavour you need then maybe some ground cardamon and turmeric powder would work. You could maybe steep them in boiling water, cool and strain, before adding to the Huel.

its eight quid on amazon for a 90g bag containing 4 sachets so not too critical. the 90g pack is 15 servings (2 teaspoons) but yeah if your using 4 spoons a drink then thats still adding a pound per drink.

Does it work out better if you get the tea bags, and then use the cooled tea as a base?

Pukka Turmeric Gold, Organic Herbal Tea with Lemon & Whole Leaf Green Tea (4 Pack, 80 Tea bags) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01G350XDY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ITXNEbWENS69M

89 teabags for £10.

Those teabags are a totally different thing to the latte though. There isn’t a teabag version of that stuff.

Ah, might give it a try here though, just to see.

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It’s good to experiment. That’s how to find some of the best flavours.

I have the turmeric gold tea too but haven’t tried it with Huel yet. I did try vanilla rooibos though and it was very nice.



It’s not a new product at all, I should know as I work for one of the two companies that make tea for Pukka and we worked with them on developing the lattes and supply some of the ingredients that go into them.

That would be Unilever, not Nestle but yeah, this does seem like an unlikely method of advertising for them!

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oh yeah, equally bad lol