Question hot and savoury

Hey lovely ppl of future eating :grin:

As I got my wisdom tooth out eating anything except mush is a challenge as many can afree.

So I got me wondering how much calories would it be just to eat the powder from hot and savoury edition? Or if I would blend everything up in dry form? How much would one scoop would be?
I get I could mix it the usual way let it cool blend it and then reheat it but that seems extra and reheated food definitely tastes and looses it’s nutrition.

you can blend it while its hot to make a soup - I’ve done this with a few of the flavours. it makes like a pretty thick cream soup consistency. I just add the usual measure of H&S to a jug with 3-400ml of boiling water depending on how thick you want it, stir and cover it for 10 minutes then whizz it in the blender until smooth. it will look very watery while in the jug but the blender makes it thicker like a normal soup,

theres no need to cool and reheat. as you only need to blend it for a few seconds it should be fine to do in any blender jug as there won’t be any significant steam build up. Of course if its too thick after you blend it - - you can add more water and blend as needed until you get the thickness you want.

1 scoop (~48g) will have the same number of calories (200kcal) whether it’s in powder form, made normal with water, or blended with water. You just make up the amount you need for the calories you want: eg 95g (2 scoops) for 400kcal, 71g (1.5 scoops) for 300kcal, and so on.

If you blend all of the dry ingredients first (before scooping), it’s plausible that 1 scoop may come out heavier than the typical ~48g and therefor be more calories, since you could more densely pack the scoop. But you can avoid that with a weigh scale (which is best for accuracy anyway!).

You do risk loosing some vitamin content by reheating it, so I’d blend it dry first if you have a scale or do as @Phil_C advised and blend when ready-made. Just make sure it’s cooled off a bit before you chuck it in the blender though, so it doesn’t go boom!

Good luck and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery :+1:

yes - it’s easier/safer to do this if you have a blender with a larger capacity jug that has a removable opening in the lid. this is there to allow you to add more ingredients in the blend but in this use, once the initial blend has started you can lower the speed and remove that cap. this will let steam pressure escape and allow you to add more water while its mixing if needed.

I wouldn’t try this with a smaller jug or one that has no ability to vent it TBH.

Thatnk you guys :grin: I’ll try the dry blend and add water as my blender is my roomates xD don’t wanna destroy it