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Dear Hueligans…

Hope you’re doing well…

I’ve recently started using Huel (shake and hot savory), and I’m loving it!
I can go into talking about why and what I’ve doing with it and so on, but this post or question is not about that.

I was wondering if I found or came up with a flavor for hot and savory, that can be a stand alone flavor or added to some of the flavor lineups for enhanced experience, without altering the caloric amount, how can I send the suggestion? And are there any competitions for flavors etc?
What I’m trying to say, if the flavor gains favor, is there anything I’d win?

Thank you

Hey there Doc, welcome to the forum and I love that you’re holding on to a sweet idea (well, savoury :wink: ) for a new flavour! We don’t have competitions for new flavours, we have in the past but they aren’t on-going. We have a quite extensive product timeline for new flavours generally, but are very receptive to flavour suggestions but there’s not a prize if we take them on, very rarely are flavour suggestions unique and often several people have suggested them or iterations of them in different places.

We would love to hear your idea, but equally if you want to keep it to yourself I would understand :slight_smile:

Thank you Tim :blush:
I completely understand, I appreciate taking the time to explain everything. I might sound a bit greedy probably but oh well… had to try :sweat_smile:

Well, the ingredient is pretty simple, just a single word; Wassabi!

I tried searching the forum for any mention of it but I either failed searching or there were actually no mentions of Wassabi.

If you’ve ever had it before, then you know the experience of it’s “spicyness”, I know it’s more the horse radish in it than the Wassabi root but both gave my hot and savory meals that extra mild kick, without sacrificing time and/or adding calories.

Wow that sounds delicious! I do like wasabi flavoured things. I do think it would need to be paired with something else, what do you usually eat wasabi with?

my favourite snack used to be dried wasabi peas!

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I’d try to add it to any of the hot and savory flavors, 1 tea spoon at a time, the amount might vary depending on the quality of the Wassabi powder and the persons tolerance.

And regarding a stand alone flavor suggestion, was thinking about “East Asian” flavor with Wassabi.

Or you can simply add Wassabi to the flavor enhancers line.

P. S. I’m talking about the Wassabi in the powder form. Other forms can be used of course but it might be a bit of hastle.

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Ever had Wassabi flavored cashews!?


oooh no I havent! only ever spotted the peas and peanuts in shops. bet the cashews are expensive…but covered in wasabi, tasty!

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Oh yea definitely not cheap, but you might have some luck if you check Asian supermarkets, wither local or online, and there’s amazon too

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