Quick Feedback + Low Carb H&S?

Hi All,

Just wanted to drop by to rave about Huel Black – I’ve been on a Huel-only diet for one week now and have been feeling optimal. I think the product is great for those of us who can’t be bothered to cook, but need to fill nutritional needs. The banana + peanut butter flavors are perfectly palatable and not too sweet, which keeps me from binging on them.

So I decided to try a Huel-only diet for nutritional/weight-loss purposes; I want to lose 5-10 lbs and switch over to H&S full time afterwards. However, I would like to keep to a low carb diet and realize the only H&S offerings at the moment are very grain-based. Are there any plans to release some low-carb flavors in the near future?
Also, are there any plans to release a low-carb powder like Black, but with less protein? I ask because I have a less than optimal kidney functioning and would like a nutritionally complete option that is low carb + regular protein. I would think I’m not the only person with this sort of want, though I think this question is in the same vein as the H&S low carb option (since I assume they wouldn’t be high protein).

Thanks in advance! Excited to continue on this journey.

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+1 for a low carb H&S!

Hey there @hyu1, thanks so much for stopping by to rave about Black Edition, nice choice on flavours too! Don’t shout too loudly about your Peanut Butter BE, you will make all of those across the pond jealous :wink: :us:

We don’t, I don’t know much about how to develop new products, but I imagine a low carb H&S would be pretty hard to achieve, since as you say the bulk of it is made of grains. These grains provide plenty of protein too but obviously carbs alongside (in perfect balance, well done the nutrition team!). I imagine something hot and savoury, but low-carb would need to take a different form.

It’s also worth noting that the term low-carb means different things to different people. What does it mean for you out of interest? I’m sure the team could make a low-er carb Hot & Savoury.

Thank you for the response, Tim! Really enjoying the product. I really feel for the poor folks who don’t have access to the Peanut Butter yet…But I’m sure the other flavors are great too; can’t wait to try them soon.

I would be excited to see the H&S take on a new form if there is potential for it in the future :P. (A savory Black edition shake perhaps? Maybe offering a flavor/texture profile similar to grits?) But I guess for the time being, I’ll have to stick to my original plan of using only the Black edition until I’m in maintenance, where I’ll switch to 50% H&S instead of 100% H&S.
For myself, I’d say low-carb is around 60g carb (total including fiber, etc.) for 1200 cals. Honestly, the lower the better, but this seems to be a realistic mark for me.

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Don’t rub it in Timothy

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