Quick question for a new starter!

Hi all!

I’m sure this is something regularly asked I have some flavour boosters and the 2.3 Vanilla.
I’m just going to have my first Huel for breakfast and I’m spoilt for choice!

What should I go for ?!


My favourites are:

  1. Matcha
  2. Cacao
  3. Toffee

Have fun!

Mine are;

Blending with frozen fruit
Cinnamon powder

Hi, I will be placing my first big order soon, Whats the difference in taste between cacao and chocolate? I see toffee and strawberry are constantly out of stock, when will they be available? Which are the least sweet boosts?

Cacao is a little darker in taste, a good analogy would be milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I love Cacao! Strawberry is out of stock currently, but we are looking to get it back as soon as we can but just don’t have a date for you yet. Toffee is definitely in stock! All the Boosts are quite sweet, but perhaps Matcha Tea is the least sweet of the bunch though.

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