Ready-to-drink v1.0 - Is mineral water or tap water used?


As the title states, what type of water is used in these bottles?
I checked the ready-to-drink webpage but it isn’t specified there.

If it’s mineral water, where is it sourced from?
Example: Buxton webpage

If it’s tap water, where from? Are there any further filtration methods used?

Why? It’s water.

Not all tap water is safe to drink (or to shower in). Not only does it depend on the plumbing, but also how it has been treated from the source.

Here’s a discussion about tap water on another thread you may want to read:

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I highly doubt they use duff water. Why would they sell a product that could potentially harm you and have a gazillion law suits filed. The water will be good!

Standards differ so it’ll depend on where the factory is.

For example, dasani bottled water was removed from UK market due to presence of dangerous chemicals within it - but it remains on sale in the US without a worry in the world.

It follows that water regulation in the UK is very different to that in the US.

Haha, typical of the US to not care about health of its people :grimacing:

Indeed, and a reason why many US products have slightly different recipes when they’re made elsewhere in the world :wink:

Personally, ‘made in the usa’ isn’t something I get excited about when I see it on food or drink.

Maybe not the best place to say but when I was there years ago their grilled chicken burgers were out of this world. If i do want to eat crap the us is the best for it!

We all deserve a little crap sometimes! :slight_smile:

Hey @Akshay9687 - I heard from our team on this!

The water for Huel RTD is drinking water (‘tap water’) from German water supply (compliant with all EU drinking water safety laws).

Our team also further noted that it has been softened before use since it is hard water. This is generally to avoid limescale build up during manufacturing.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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That’s interesting because having lived in Germany several times nobody I ever met drank tap water, it was bottled all the way.

From a quick google it appears Germans drink tap water at home, but never when out and about. Quora tells me…

  • Ordinary tap water is called Leitungswasser, which translates to “plumbing water” (ew)
  • Bunch of people complain tap water isn’t as good as bottled (no apparent reasoning)
  • Big marketing spend by companies promoting bottled over tap.
  • Massive leaning towards sparkling water
  • Still water in restaurants can cost as much as good wine

So I was checking through the ingredients, and I found it interesting that you have Rapeseed oil.

Why not try adding in more of these oils:

Why would we want to use those oils over rapeseed oil?

Rapeseed oil is a great source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, especially omega 3, as well as some vitamins and minerals. Along with the fats from ground flaxseed, sunflower oil, MCT our RTD has an ideal omega-3:omega-6 ratio of 1:2.

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