Realistic hopes for 2024(?)

Hello all, I thought I would create a thread for some realistic Huel-hopes for 2024.

Here are three of mine:

A ‘breakfast appropriate’ H&S.
New Fizzy Drink flavours - apple or pineapple would be great.
The Black Bags being made of the new protein bag. It folds up better in my bag!

Look forward to hearing yours!


Hopeful Greens is affordable.
Hopeful it works, has a noticeable effect.
Hopeful to see more Huel in the shops.

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A return of the original bars sold online only :slightly_smiling_face:


AZ vitamins for Europe

Huel Greens for Europe

Bars without maltitol

Huel Bars (black or normal with 400kcal and no polyalcohols)

Cheaper Noodles, i would love to use them at work, but 4€ each one its too much


I want a product that’s cheap but doesn’t need to sit in a fridge for hours before it tastes good. Huel Powder and Huel Essential both taste gritty and grim when they’re freshly made. Not sure how that can be improved because it’s the oats that need time, and oats are cheap.

If only there was a solution…

Can’t think of anything though.


The OP said “realistic hopes”.

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Even the biggest failures can make a comeback. David Cameron is the Foreign Secretary!


The hardcore Huelers like it that way! #snowflake


Well I need some refinement in my budget slop.

well, they kicked off 2024 with 3 US only flavours of the pot meals - Spicy Gochujang Noodles, Korean BBQ Noodles and Chick’n Alfredo - so much for that ‘they are too focused on the UK market’ bumph :slight_smile:

yes, it will be good to see all the bags transitioned to the new mono-material bags like CP and Essentials.


More gluten free flavours would be great.

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I’m a broken record at this point but getting the black bars back is my biggest wish. Or at least a 200cal bar that doesn’t get squished in my bag and doesn’t give me tummy issues. :crazy_face:

Apart from that I’d love to try the greens. Hoping to find something to stop me spending a fortune on Press green juice.

An RTD version of Huel Black?

Ohhh and how about a rice pudding version of H&S? Apple and cinnamon or something? I guess that’s a bit niche.

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Recyclable packaging.


Awww I really like this thread, hopefully I’ll be able to confirm some of these throughout 2024 for you!!

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Let me circle you back to the word realistic Coup. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:sweat_smile: Lest we forget

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Savage takedown! I didn’t realise it was so unrealistic. Best start looking into an alternative then!

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Do you plan an update of the formula of the gluten-free products (including Black Edition and RTD)? And what about new flavours?

A brand new product that contains no sweeteners, flavours or ingredients – packaged in paper bags made of biodegradable £20 notes and sold for less than half of the manufacturing costs. Just so complaints reduce by around 5% ?


New flavours for the gluten-free products don’t seem to be unrealistic, so maybe you are going to start here?

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