Recovery from illness

Have now lost 30lb on Huel only diet this has taken a while as didn’t want to limit calories to much.
I suffered a stroke earlier on this year and the only factor that could have contributed to it is weight.
I feel so much better with the weight off and hopefully after around another 14lb will be able to move off huel only diet and onto Huel 5 days per week with a couple of meals at the weekend.


there’s no reason why you cant do that now Kevin, as long as you stay in a calorie deficit you will continue to lose weight - currently im finding 16/8 intermittent fasting coupled with a reasonable calorie deficit and averaging my calories at around 60% from Huel is working fine for gradual weight loss.

Well done for your weight loss, Kevin! I’m so happy that you’ve taken control of your health and Huel has helped.

We don’t really recommend a 100% Huel diet to lose weight. The problem is that it often after stopping Huel, or a strict diet, the old dietary habits start again and you regain weight. A better method would be to build a lifestyle where you can maintain nutritious eating habits which can support weight loss and you can maintain them long term. I.e. if you’re restricting yourself at the moment from your favourite foods and meal occasions, then going back to them will likely push your calorie intake up. But if you can find a way to lose weight but not take away those parts of food you love, then you’re onto a winner! Combining Huel with other healthy meals most the time, and enjoying those foodie moments with family and friends is what we like to see!

This is all easier said than done of course.


Yes probably could Phil but i just find it easy to control calorie intake on huel without looking up values of other foods.
I know it’s a bit lazy but with the huel i can see all the calories vitamins etc I’m getting without to much effort.

Yes Tim have lost weight so many times before and just bounced back up again once finished diet.
After stroke determined not to let it happen again so i do need a lifestyle change but always find if difficult when working long hours.
The easy option for me is to take the huel to work daily as for at least 6 days per week i am doing very long hours and it is difficult to find the time to get and prepare the right food.
I feel with the Huel i am at least getting the vitamins and minerals i need on a daily basis without any real time spent on preparation and shopping.
I know it sounds lazy but i know if i don’t do it like this it will be so easy to lapse back into getting a takeaway after finishing work due to being to tired.