Restart fell off the wagon in February. Help

Hi, I started on huel in January, IBS and desperate to lose weight. I use a Garmin tracker and my fitness pal. Worked out calories and everything. Was having breakfast and lunch huel 3 scoops and around 600 calories evening meal. Over January I lost 7lbs delighted. Also increased activity level. Then it just stopped. Kids were at home over half term, so in a fit of self sabotage I ate normally… now im a horrendous 16st the heaviest I’ve been for 10 years.
Restart TODAY My IBS pain and bloating is horrendous again.
Any help tips really appreciated am wondering if I should have 2 meals 2 scoops, although when I worked the calories out on MFP I was online for a 2lb a week weight loss.
Also think I will keep a journal on here so I’m more accountable.
Thanks for reading


Hi Alison. I have lost a steady ~1lb per week since mid October by eating at a 500cal deficit. I have IBS too (not the usual running to the loo like many people associate with IBS, but much pain and bloating after eating certain foods). I eat a low FODMAP diet and find Huel helps enormously with this.

Good luck :+1: Hope you manage to stay on track this time round. Writing a journal on here does help quite a few Huellers but the MFP journal is the only one I stick to (rigorously with no cheating). I will start to up my calories shortly to maintenance level. No way am I going back to old ways. Huel is a way of life for me now. Some days are 100% Huel but most are two Huel meals and one veggie meal daily.


Thanks Bee, must get back on track.

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Don’t be too harsh on yourself, you know what went wrong and how to fix it. You went from caloric deficit to caloric surplus, hence gained weight. That’s nothing new for you and it’s certainly not something you need help with. You just need a nudge at your confidence to say you’ve lost weight once and can do it again.

Treats and snacks are a temptation for us all and cutting them out completely helps no one. Try having a treat every few days but holding yourself accountable.

One I like to do is a chicken burger every couple of days. Firstly to get something salty and textured and secondly because it’s still reasonably healthy but devilishly tasty.

If you fancy a treat (within reason, one biscuit for example), take that 100 calories out of your Huel allowance and allocate it to a biscuit instead.

Also - Weighing scales for food help immensely rather than going by scoops. :slight_smile:


Gee once I open a packet of chocolate hobnobs there’s no stopping me, I can’t just have 1 or 2 :grimacing: Huel hobnobs would be good :smile:


Haha @Ian42, exactly. One biscuit is often all it takes :grin:
I have treats occasionally but ones that I permit myself and are within my weekly calorie limit.

I lost 5st on slimming world 8 years ago and each night I had a KitKat and an options hot chocolate… I think by it’s nature the huel satifies my sweet craving. This time I’ve wanted something to crunch! Crunch cravings :joy: think I will build in something small each day the same way. From a psychological point of view I think it’s maybe because it’s a forced long-term health issue and I really can’t eat a lot of the things I used to and I have to accept it’s a lifelong change now if I want to stay well… omg I’m a one person pity party today.

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How rude thank you both for the encouragement :grin:

Yeah man I suffer the same issue. Said to my girlfriend I fancied a “real meal”. Went out for lunch and this happened… IMG_20190316_140945


Didn’t know there were any Denny’s in the UK.

At least you didn’t get the milkshake. Those are real bombs

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Lol that looks amazing, it’s my day off today and I started the day off well. A Huel for breakfast and a good workout in the gym, but this afternoon after cleaning my car I just had to head off for an all day breakfast. :joy::joy:

Damn breakfasts are just too good…

Waitress came over and said I’m the first to finish every last bit of it in 4 months!

This is the Swansea one. :slight_smile:

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Omg, my stomach hurts just looking at that platefull… :blush::blush::blush:

I have however eaten a magnum bar I found in fridge oops

@madbee ohhh! Magnums. I used to love 'em. Hence me needing/wanting to lose weight :grin: Thanks to Huel, I can get by without them these days. Phew! :sunglasses:

It would take me that long to finish it too!