Returning Hueler

So I used Huel a while back and didn’t have the best experience with it. After a while it started to make me sick and I just wasn’t having a great experience with it. Recently I decided to have another go and try version 3.0 as I had heard really good things from friends.

I went with the Berry flavour as I thought the sweetness would help as I had previously tried the original with the strawberry flavour boost but I couldn’t get it right and it left me with a really unhappy stomach and would make me vomit. The texture of the new one is so so much better, I blend it and leave it over night and it’s great. However, I can’t get over the taste of it. I like the berryness of it and the texture is good but I feel like I can taste the actual Huel. I really want to give it a go but I’m having to have a mouthful and then drink a glass of water to help with the bitterness of it.

I’m really glad that I can stomach it now as I do really enjoy Huel but does anyone have any recommendations for what I can add or whether a different flavour is stronger and will help with the taste? Or should I try a different version of Huel?