'Ripped' bodybuilder and a vegan?

Just came across this for the vegan bodybuilders here,


There are many vegan bodybuilders, not to forget germanys strongest man (not sure if he still is but he was 1-2 years ago) despite what people think they dont rule eachother out


The one thing vegans and non-vegans can bond over - Juice :syringe:


Yep that’s what I thought when I seen him

Yeah, nothing against it but it’s ravaging the entire industry. Find it hilarious when people aspire to be Instagram models thinking they’re all natural…

i don’t think that gentleman in the video is especially huge and neither especially lean… he doesn’t scream ‘steroid user’ at me.


Happy birthday Ian. Did he jump out of your cake?


Lol thanks mate. That’s me, a natural drug free Bodybuilder on 100% Huel

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Urrgh he looks inside out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Agility = none xD


You can eat? (drink?)… Consume…Huel without needing to sell your soul to the devil and become a vegan.

So drink Huel, lift weights, eat meat, and repeat. (Y)


I ate very little meat pre Huel and even less now.

You certainly can, but this is a bit frowned upon around here. Always has been.

I eat far less red meat than I used to before I started Huel, but a little bit more white meat.

The way I see it, I’ve cut out almost all food waste and packaging waste from my diet, so my Huel (and small amount of eggs, chicken and vegetable) diet is already more environmentally friendly than most people. Heck, probably even some vegans.

There’s nothing that could make me give up my white meats and eggs, I simply enjoy them and I wish that wasn’t such a dirty thing to say around here…

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I don’t think it is, I’ve not seen any meatshaming in my time around here (also non-vegan fwiw)

It’s not so much meatshaming, I wouldn’t say I’ve seen that. It’s just more “vegan or die” mentality haha. I mean it probably just stands out quite a lot compared to usual content as opposed to being a frequent thing.

If you want meatshaming it simply has to be Facebook!

It’s not a Vegan forum after all,it just happens Huel is Vegan. I too like my meat, cutting down on beef though and will cut it out completely and just have chicken and Turkey probably once a week. Struggling with cutting bacon out though I love my cooked breakfast :yum: but also got to think of my blood pressure shooting up.

I am not vegan but am pretty much vegetarian. From personal choice, not because someone else wants me to be.

Say what? Vegans have sold their soul to the devil? I’m confuzzled. :confused: