Runner and Loving Huel!

New convert to huel! As endurance runner, I’ve been finding it difficult to hit both the high calories and nutrition, but huel has sorted this out for me! So far I’ve only tried the berry and mint chocolate flavours but am happy with both👍 as someone who has recovered from an eating disorder I was sceptical about replacement of any food with a drink but this keeps me full and gives me everything I require, so I’m happy to add it in to my eating regime and will be sharing with my Instagram followers.

Was introduced to huel by my boyfriend and am so glad I tried it! Definitely more convenient for my lifestyle. Would highly recommend.


Hey Em! Thanks so much for taking the time to share a little about yourself with us, welcome to the forum :blush:

Good choice on flavours, I haven’t had mint-choc in aaaages. Need to get back on that, used to be one of my favourites!

I’m so relieved to hear you’ve recovered from your ED, and that you find Huel fitting in now. How often do you see yourself having Huel?

Great to have you on the team. Let us know if you have any questions, there’s a load of Hueligans here who would love to help out and share their experiences :raised_hands: thanks as well to your BF for the recommendation!

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Thanks Tim!
Definitely get back on the mint choc!!:ok_hand::yum: What’s your go to at the moment?

Thank you - am three years free of my ED and have been running for almost a year - healthy💪 just want to make sure my nutrition is tip-top now I’m racing!

I’m using Huel post run - so banana before I go, and then Huel made with almond milk when I get back. Could see myself using it at work too when we eventually go back to the office for convenience!

Wondering what flavours to try next! Think banana might be a shout? Given the time of day I have it, fruity feels a bit more appropriate for breakfast😂