Russian Huelette


My supply for the week at work.
Once shaken up in the tubs they’re hard to tell apart aside from the matcha green ones so I get to play Russian Huelette every day!
This little lot is various combos of UU, vanilla, options hot choc, nutmeg, coffee, cinnamon, matcha and banana flavour boosts.
Each afternoon at work I take 2 at random tubs, hand mix each in the Huel supplied shaker 3/4 filled with water and stick em in the fridge. Next morning top up with a little milk and the adventure of breakfast begins.
Hoping it’ll be Matchanana tomorrow!


Adventurous! I like it


If this is to be Russian Huelette there should be a severe loss chamber in the gun. Mix up a batch of dried ghost pepper, mustard and liquorice immediately.


hahaha, oh I like where this is going