Same old meal every day


Just read this this article.

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Interesting. I wouldn’t eat a peanut butter/jelly sandwich every day but am more than happy to eat/drink Huel daily.

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Many of the people I talked with emphasized the stress-reducing benefits of eating the same thing each day.

Yeah, I get this. As people go I’m pretty laid back and tend not to stress about much but I actually really don’t enjoy leaving my desk and trying to decide what to feed myself. You have to consider cost, whether it’s healthy or not, how many calories it is, can you afford to eat that many calories based on what you’ve already eaten that day, can you take it back to your desk or is it better to eat out… ah good old Huel taking all the thinking out of good nutrition



Having Huel everyday for lunch has really helped me, particularly with decision making and stopping binge eating. With less food in the house, there is less temptation and I don’t feel any anxiety when thinking about food now. I only have to decide on dinner and that’s become a whole lot easier.



Yep I agree Ryan; before Huel I would eat the same thing every day anyway. Soup; not always the same one, but similar variants, as well as a Nakd bar, fruit (banana and/or apple) and rice cakes or oatcakes. Huel works for me as a replacement.



Thing is, there are lots of possible flavour variations with Huel so unless you really like plain and simple UU with water it doesn’t have to feel like the same food all the time.



True…but i guess most days for me it is 2 meals of 50/50 original and uu in water. I am happy with that. Sometimes add flavours…probably less than once a week tho