Samsung Health

Samsung health Currently only has version 2.3 of Huel - Will these be updated to version 3?

I use samsung health as my main fitness/calorie tracker so this would be a massive help

I haven’t used that particular app, but similar apps rely on users adding products to the database themselves. I added a few things to MyFitnessPal.

Is there an “add new food” button or something? If so, press that, and enter the figures from the Huel nutrition label, and then the barcode will work in future for you and all other users of the app.

(I’m just assuming Samsung use crowdsourced data because I don’t see how such an app could be comprehensive without it)

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there is a add food button or a ‘‘your food’’
but its entering all the different nutrients

ill check out myfitnesspal

Yeah it is a pain in the neck. You only have to do it once though.

As an aside, Cronometer were absolutely amazing at removing Trans-Fats from Huel within a few hours of me asking, with nothing more than a link to a thread here. They even removed it from more than just the one Huel product I flagged.