Say hello to 2 new flavours of Daily A-Z Vitamins!

Pineapple and mango is delicious as a mixer with my favourite vodka (Reyka). I had some last night (over ice).

I generally drink this vodka neat but thought I’d try it so I can give feedback.


Just tried the Pineapple and Mango, damn that was refreshing!

My only concern is that I have a lot of other Huel products so I am getting all my Vitamins from there. Do I really need to spend £20 for 12 cans? I could pick up other drinks with more than 330ml in which are just as nice for a lot less. As nice as it is I am not sure I need it. If I didn’t have all the other products then that’s different. Is that just me?

You probably don’t need it…I mean I like the vitamin drinks and I do drink them occasionally. Maybe once a week. Twice maximum. And if I do have one I plan it so that I don’t have a green drink on the same day…but at the same time do I really need that? Probably not. I don’t drink greens every day and so some days I have neither but I generally have 2 Huel meals a day…and occasionally a Huel snack bar.

I’ve never really drunk soda (apart from ginger beer) even as a kid and have never liked things like coke or stuff like that (cream soda was ok)…I don’t like the sugar content which is crazy and the non-sugared ones generally have aspartame which to me tastes horrible as well as being quite nasty. It also makes me thirsty. I do like carbonated water tho. Huel vitamin drink tastes nicer than most other soft drinks so I am happy to drink it now and again. I may not need it but it makes a refreshing change from just water if I want a cold drink.

Watermelon also very refreshing and tasty. No doubt ill get the odd can as a treat every now and then.

Bought singles of both to try once. Enjoyed the Pineapple & Mango one, but definitely preferred Watermelon! Though the Watermelon tastes more like strawberry, not watermelon, which makes sense considering there’s no watermelon in the ingredients :woozy_face: Was hoping the Pineapple & Mango one would be a bit more pinapplely, but still refreshing.

Cherry & Raspberry is still my favourite, though would love Pineapple & Coconut… :pineapple: :coconut:

If Huel released caffeine-free versions of the new flavours, I’d for sure alternate between Watermelon and Cherry & Raspberry, with an occasional Pineapple & Mango box. Unfortunately won’t be buying any boxes of them due to no caffeine-free version yet.

Speaking of caffine-free Cherry & Raspberry, this is the first month since launch that I can’t get them :confused:

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 20.24.10

It’s funny how people taste things differently. I agree the watermelon one does taste a little of strawberry although can taste watermelon but thought the pineapple one was very pineappley.

Have you tried mixing them yet? I kinda wanna mix all 3 flavours now.

‘Cherry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango and Watermelon’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as the current flavour names, but I bet it tastes… interesting :eyes:

Um. No I haven’t. Interesting experiment. Definitely mixing the 2 newer ones would be good.

@huel is there any date that the caffeine free Cherry and Raspberry may be back in stock?


Didn’t realise @ huel was a user, tagging @amie_huel for my above question :slight_smile:

Emailed instead and apparently the caffeine free version has been discontinued :frowning: Can’t have the other versions due to heart issues.

damn, it was nice to have the option.

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damn if the axe swang that quick, sales must have been almost non-existent - like granola levels even.

i thought something amiss when the 2 new ones were caffeine only…I did suspect this may happen.