Say HELLO to new Complete Nutrition Bars

Waitrose sells the RTD, which is great because if your a partner/employee of the supermarkets, you get a decent staff discount on top of the retail price.

Thank you :smiley:

Nice. Not going to lie I bought a lot of those old bars and in the end I needed something not as dry. It wasn’t about anything else for me, just something not as dry, or at least something that was not hard and dry. Either soft and dry, or a little more moist if it was to stay hard. If that makes sense!!! Haha!!! Could have probably explained that in a more sophisticated way but there you go. I will try these out. The main way I would ask for improving these in the future now, would be: more calories in a bar, so it functions more as a meal or part of a meal than a little snack. And also more protein. 20% of my protein intake in one bar would be an absolute game changer ie 30g per bar.


New bars arrived this evening. For quality control i had to try the peanut one. Much improved since old peanut bars which i regularly bought. New bar could be even better with a hint of orange essence to take it to another level. Will try the chocolate bar over the weekend. :yum::upside_down_face:


I like the Peanut ones. The other ones are decent but they have a kind of Turkish delight texture inside that is not my favourite but the taste is good.

My favourite bars still remain the old protein ones :frowning:

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I love Turkish Delight. Now I’m going to dreaming of nutritionally complete Huel TD. Mmmm… Huel jellies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Turkish delight but can’t say I get the Turkish delight taste or texture from these. Unless they mean the Fry’s or cadburys Turkish delight with choc coating but can’t remember what that tastes like.

a rose flavoured oyster.

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I’ve never eaten oysters, some people who call themselves vegans do though. All sounds gross and unvegan though. I do like rose tasting things however.

I once ate an oyster before I knew any better and I puked. My friend who kept hers down was ill for days.

Leave those jellies where they belong.

Listen, my mother call herself a size 14, you can’t believe the labels that people give themselves


Fantastic summary.

Even the ingredients agree with you. Lowered the Omega-3 content, which it used to be a focus point. Swapped more rice protein instead of pea. There used to be the amino acid breakdown, which I’m not sure if it is coming or they won’t have it. Less micronutrients per bar. Swapped complex carbs and sugar used as binding for sugar alcohols.

If you read the ingredient list - beside the added micro blend - you wouldn’t be able to differentiate from most protein bars in the market. It’s been clearly done from a retail consumer average protein bar buyer point of view.

I wouldn’t say nutrition has been the first point of focus, even though the “stats” look great.

Taste is OK for me, but nothing that I wouldn’t find elsewhere. Texture is changed a lot, not for the worst.

The sad part is the reflection, in my opinion, of the company values shifting. I don’t blame them, as at the end of the day, making money is part of any business.


Having eaten another of each of the new bars I think the peanut is definitely the better of the two (contrary to my original opinion) and these are by far the best Huel bars ever.


I’d agree on that after having a few of each – I’ve been trying to think of other flavours that could counter the boozy Bakewell/coconut taste to differentiate it, I’m guessing any kind of fruit could even amplify that? It would maybe have to be something quite acidic like lemon or strong like coffee. Lemon curd/lemon cheesecake version replacing the caramel sauce?

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I don’t find the Bakewell/coconut taste a problem at all now. In fact as I’ve had a second dose I’ve acclimatised, I barely noticed this after my initial try of the bars when I was concentrating more on the experience I guess.

yeah - thats definitely a thing. We could just argue the case anyway - seeing as we’ve had a Snickers and Milky Way version - lets have an orange marmalade Jaffa Cake bar :slight_smile:

Milky way. Yes, that’s what it is!! I’ve not had a milky way bar for years…and that is what the caramel one tastes like. Its only now you mentioned it. It has the same mouthfeel as well as taste

Had another of the new bars last night.
I like it less and less. Weird taste, not filling. Like a chocolate treat not a nutrition bar.
In contrast just had a 3.1 bar as part of my lunch. Tastes good in a subtle (rather than lowest common denominator) way , filling and feels like actual food.
Sadly counting down my stick of these. Wish I’d bought more…

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these new bars are quite nice; I will keep getting them as a bar is often more convenient. but the old bars were better.

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I was afraid something like this would happen after the original bars were announced to be discontinued …

The release of a more expensive product with less calories. I wasn’t expecting it to become a completely different product though. If you want to sell sweets sell sweets, but now we have one less meal replacement choice from Huel.

The bars were THE perfect choice to pack for travel. This stuff just won’t do as a replacement for the product we lost.