Sealed fold in the corners of bag packaging

What’s with the folding and sealing of the bag packaging at the edges of the opening - this changed a few months ago, but only get around to mention it now. Now when I’m pouring out the remnants of the powder, it all gets stuck under the fold, meaning I have to try to fold the packaging in the middle and pour from there instead, which is awkward and messy. I can’t think of a reason for the change.

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Totally agree it’s awkward, It has, on a few occasions, also made it difficult to close the built in seal.

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I flick the corners to loosen any trapped powder before tipping the last of it out. That’s because I re-use the bags, but if you don’t want to re-use the bags it’d be easy just to scissor the top right off when you want to get the last remnants out, removing the top corners in the process.

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The bags are changing to the new single layer material instead of MLP’s with 3.1, so it will be short lived issue for you - or a whole new one - who can say :slight_smile:


Yes - good idea to cut the corners off. :+1:

That’s one of the good things about Huel Essential. The bag is just that, a simple ‘essential’ bag. No extra folds to worry about.