Second Delivery - 100%(ish) Huel

So I have just opened my second delivery and decided on a subscription.

Having gradually built up with my first delivery over three weeks, I am now doing Huel for 3 meals a day with quantities designed to help me lose some flab. I have cut out boozing and reduced snacking. Even though I am on a reduced calorie intake to lose weight - I have not felt hungry at all on Huel.

I haven’t experienced any unpleasant side effects (e.g. flatulence, etc). Nor have I found the stuff lumpy - so I haven’t gone down route of blending. To be honest some of the appeal is the simplicity / speed of preparing the stuff - so I’m loathe to add additional steps (or washing up).

I currently mix 50/50 vanilla and unflavoured. I use less water than suggested - but generally have a drink (e.g. tea / fruit juice / water) while consuming the Huel. I like the flavour and sweetness of this mix - but have added flavour boost testers to next box so may mix flavours up over time.

I got a free mixer with my first delivery. I have to say the frosted colour of the mixer makes the mix look very unappetising (to me). .


The most crucial (yet unappealing) step on the road to de-flabbing


Thanks so much for the feedback, Steve. I’m so pleased you’ve been enjoying your Huel experience, how has the weight loss been going the last month?