Selling 3 unopened bags of banana

So my stomach just stopped working with Huel after a few years of using it. I’m now selling my latest shipment and trying out other Huel products instead.

3 unopened Huel bags with Banana flavor, V3.0.

Still in the shipping package so can be sent to anywhere in Sweden.

20% off.

I’m terribly sorry to hear that… Maybe you should tell your GP about this issue as this doesn’t sound good.

Your stomach stopped working because of using Huel? I’m about to receive my first batch and your post worries me…

Hey @Thomatino and welcome.

I suspect he the original poster meant that they started to have a negative response to that type of huel rather than actually stopped working entirely!

Having done several months at a time of eating nothing but 100% Huel I can assure you it doesn’t stop your stomach from working. And I’m sure this is over sharing but I am regular as clockwork! :joy::joy:


Sorry, I might’ve misworded that a bit.

My stomach definitely kept working, but I started getting some stomach aches and other weird symptoms which repeatedly went away after multiple tests of 1-2 weeks without Huel. It took so long to figure out though because I realized that I got the same symptoms from consuming palm oil. So I ruled out Huel for a bit, didn’t really have an effect because I still kept consuming palm oil, eventually tested ruling out both and I’ve been feeling much better ever since.

There’s simply some ingredient in Huel that don’t work so well with my stomach. I’ve started trying hot and savoury after 7 months without Huel and so far so good. I’ve had 3 meals so far during 4 days, starting off slow. I see it more as a last resort food which works great considering the long shelf time.

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