Setting my calorie intake for weight loss

I would very much like to get down to my ideal weight.
I have used Huel before as a complete meal replacement and apart from some excess gas, my body operates fine, so I plan on doing the same again.
I am a 43 year old male, rather sedentary lifestyle during the winter, walking a few miles a day at work.
I am 180cm and 92 kg. According to my TDEE I require 2202 calories per day.
A 100g serving = 400 kcal, so if I were to have 4 100g servings a day would lose a decent amount of weight without causing energy loss?
Thank you!

Sounds like a solid plan. :slight_smile:

However, energy loss and hunger are to be expected in caloric deficit. Some get it worse than others, but as long as you know it’s normal.


Thank you for the reply! I’m utterly okay with a little hunger and some energy loss. I am just hoping that the much lower calorie intake doesn’t cause too much lethargy.

I think you’ll be fine, especially with 4 meals (as opposed to just 3). A calorie deficit of 500 calories is considered normal/safe/etc for weight loss. With the deficit you have in mind you can expect to lose 0.5-0.6 kg per week. It might be a good idea to weigh yourself every now and then to see if your calorie burn is as you expected it to be. If you’re losing faster, you can eat a bit more. If you’re not losing as much, you’re likely burning less than you think. Best of luck!