Shaker Cooler bag needed

During covid I’ve been restricted to working on one site which has a fridge so just put the shaker in there

I’m going to be expected to travel to multiple sites again very soon is there a cool bag the shaker will fit in to keep it fresh while traveling ?

Thanks in advance

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could you not just put the shake into a Thermos?


Huel branded 650ml thermos?! I like your thinking man!

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Not really sure why you’re asking on a forum for this. There are already hundreds of flasks and cool bags on the market. It should be very easy to find one that suits.

Plenty of cooler lunch bags to choose from online.

In the late 90s there used to be a really good band from my village called Cooler Shaker. They were really popular; the lead singer was the son of actress Hayley Mills who lived next door to my aunt and uncle for a while (and grandson of John Mills who didn’t).

This. This is why I love these forums!

I remember them (Kula), and I also remember the Playstation game, Kula World, great game.


You could do a DIY on something like Yeti’s Rambler range of wide mouthed insulated bottles - that come in sizes from 300ml to 3.8L. They are in a range of colours or even bare steel and can have logos applied - providing Huel’s resident Judge Dredd @Tim_Huel turned a blind eye :slight_smile:


Huel thermos would be giant. 500ml water, 2 scoops of Huel is around 600ml volume and we would need more volume for those that make Huel bigger. I’ve had a Chilly’s bottle that was 750ml and it was like a missile/club. I felt safe knowingI could defend myself though, so that was good.

We will protect our trademark at all costs. No breach will be left un-passive-aggressively-emailed.


the 750ml Yeti one is 11" tall which doesn’t seem too bad but I guess because they look a little wider than conventional ones. Their gallon one is 15* x 7* which could do some serious damage if used in anger. Or put your back out.

edit : I just measured the Huel Stainless Steel Bottle - the 750ml Yeti is around 10% taller (including caps in place) and 15% wider which makes sense given the similar capacity. The Chilly’s 750 is the sane width as the Huel Bottle but a good 2 inches taller. I wonder if the wide mouth option would be better for thick drinks like Huel though.

That’s the fellas…i did know how to spell the band name, just didn’t for the hell of it.

Has anyone tried keeping their Huel in the branded steel bottle or another Chilly’s-style one? I was worried it would get claggy and be a bitch to clean.

yeah, they can be a little more work to clean.

the Huel bottle is only a single wall steel bottle so won’t keep the drink cold but isn’t anymore difficult to clean than a shaker is. The chilly ones are insulated so will keep it cold (for 24 hours apparently) so the consistency of your drink would be the same as if you left it in the fridge for any period of time (thicker).