Shaker design: pretty darn good actually

Just a quick note, having been using both the Huel shaker and another supermarket model for a couple of months now… I’m not sure how much thought went into Huel’s choice of shaker, but it massively beats out the supermarket one for a number of reasons:

  • The smooth interior, both of the cup and cap, make it a dream to clean compared to the intricate engineered shape of the competitor, which is full of nooks and crannies and takes a lot of effort with a brush to clean. The Huel one just rinses clean.
  • Screw threads on outside of cup: the competitor’s internal threads get gummed up with Huel particles even when it’s tightly screwed shut. Again, a brush is needed to clean it.
  • Mesh: the competitor has a dynamic-looking whirpoolly-spirally structure in it that just doesn’t produce as smooth a mix. Even the little finger nub at the centre to hold the Huel mesh is useful.

Since it was a present, I’m not sure where the supermarket shaker came from, but it certainly looks more upmarket than the Huel shaker. It’s remarkable how badly it performs in comparison.

One experiment I’d be interested in would be a (possibly finer) (possibly) metal mesh with thinner sharper edges than the plastic one: I wonder would that produce an even smoother mix. This might be available as a separate purchase for those who are serious about their shaking.

I’d also be interested to see a redesign of the mouth seal such that it can’t hold a dribble of Huel and spatter it onto you when you open it or start drinking: at the moment it has an inner lip and then a “crater” which often collects Huel. I wonder whether filling the “crater” up flat, or making it more roundly concave would help.

I have a different shaker which is like that, and it is better but still can dribble a bit.