Shaker for free -Amsterdam NL

I prefer an other type of shaker than the one Huel provided. So is there a Huel user in Amsterdam who likes to have one extra?

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Very kind! If nobody takes you up on it, I’ll let you know next time I visit my friend over there! :joy:

What sort of stuff would you like to see from the Huel Shaker? What shaker do you have and why do you prefer it?

As I take my Huel with me to work, I want a cap I can screw so I am sure I won’t get leakage in my bag that also contains my laptop. With the click cap the Huelshaker has, there is more risk for leakage.
I also am not very fond of the weaker plastic, I like my shaker to be more solid/firm. And the shape of the black lid is a bit ‘too much’ for my taste.
But I guess other people might just love the shaker -it is also a matter of taste.


I use a Sistema shaker in two sizes. It has a screwlid.

Yep totally get all of that. Exploding Huel in your bag is not good. Thanks for feedback, have a great weekend!