Single Drinks Price

I can buy individual Huel Drinks at Holland & Barrett for £3.50 Huel are charging £3.21 per bottle but I have to buy 12. This doesn’t make sense I would rather go to H&B for my botttles which are actually nicer than making the drinks at home. I buy these for the days when I am on the go.

So do that.


What exactly doesn’t make sense? Depending on how many you buy you can get them from £2.50 per bottle upwards including free delivery. If you only want one a week or less then buying in a store probably makes more sense but that doesn’t mean buying from Huel doesn’t make sense if you go through a lot of ready to drink. @Blobbymatt buys so much ready to drink he’s built a Wendy house in his garden out of the empty bottles.

Ready to drink is a different product to the powder drinks. It has more fat than the powder which helps with the taste but unlike the powder it’s not something you could have 100% of the time.

Its more of a taj mahal at this point and in terms of flavor, both RTD baught from huel and Sainsburys tastes exactly the same. Thay have atleast 6 months on them when you buy them online. Its dosnt seam like a bad idea to buy in bulk and save some money if you only have them every now and then.


I get you and it makes sense.
However, try not to look at it as less value for us but more value for those that want to buy the odd Huel.
To get into a large retailer like Sainsbury, it’s likely Huel have to discount the product ALOT to get to a reasonable price point that people would buy it at. Imagine if Huel sold to Sainsbury at the price we pay, then they put their mark up? Nobody would buy it and then it wouldn’t be available. It’s the way the big supermarkets work, they buy in bulk and buy really cheap