*SOLD OUT* There’s a mystery product on our website right now, can you find it?

And that’s it, they’re gone! 200 mystery products added to people’s baskets. If you were lucky enough you’ll be receiving yours soon. For the rest of you don’t worry, you can head to our Instagram and Facebook and enter our competition to win a bundle of this mystery new product, or just hold out - we’ll be launching officially soon!

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We’ve got a limited amount of our brand new product somewhere on our UK website for free! The first people to order it will receive it in their order before anyone else!

Be quick and don’t slip up, you might miss out!

*This mystery new product is still on its way to our European warehouses, but sit tight!


Exciting!! Not in the UK but looking forward to something new coming to the rest of Europe!

so now I have to wait and see what’s in my small yellow box :wink:

Found it. Excited to see what arrives!

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Making great time there Callum! Any guesses?!

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I have no idea unfortunately! I’m sure whatever Huel have come up with will be great. Looking forward to finding out

I looked on the UK site (mobile and desktop) and couldn’t find anything! You guys are eagle eyed

Any hints on location guys. Can’t seem to find it? :slight_smile:

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I think Tim would be miffed :slight_smile:

I was looking for clues in Tim’s post - you haven’t gave much away at all there Tim! :slight_smile:

Do I need to have fb or instagram to be eligible? I don’t have either of these accounts.

nope - you just need to apply a little deductive reasoning :slight_smile:

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When you find it, it’s really obvious. Does that help?! My post doesn’t contain any clues to it’s location…


Pulling my hair out trying to find it.


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I’ve always been terrible at this sort of thing. I’ll keep searching…

Found it - better late than never :slight_smile:

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I think I know what type of product it may be judging by the thumbnail on my order history :wink:


Great spot! Let’s see what arrives tomorrow…

Awww was removed from my basket just as I was about to check out, too slow! :frowning:

Only just seen this as I’m only getting a lunch break now. If it’s Banana RTD and I missed it I’m going to be upset @Tim_Huel :joy:
It can’t be Banana RTD though as that won’t be released until I’ve just put an order in.


I can’t imagine the wrath from you Carly if it is :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:

“Mystery product” sounds like something completely new, I hope it’s something like noodles and not just a new flavour :wink: