Squizzle boarding the hypetrain


I’ve decided to try black.
Vanilla or chocolate?
I want to avoid another berry bad time /drumroll

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Taste is so subjective that I’d highly recommend just trying one of each. You can see the diversity of people’s feedback if you just scroll through the forum! Some love chocolate some love vanilla :woman_shrugging:t2:

Although most people hate the new v3 chocolate compared to how delicious v2.3 chocolate was… v2.3 chocolate used to be the best part of my day.

if you liked Original 2.3 then you’ll probably like Black Vanilla - its almost the same taste - just a little sweeter - again, my subjective opinion.

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And I barely noticed a difference between them - funny how different it is for everyone :slight_smile:. Sorry to hear it’s been bad for you, though!

Agreed. I think Vanilla is the best for these reasons. I also thought Chocolate was a little odd, but maybe isn’t so bad for those who consume Huel Chocolate usually.

However, go for both.

I just ordered some more choc and original 2.3 off the outlet store, couldn’t bear the thought of not having it any more!