Starting on Huel over again

Hey there !

First things first, I’m French and haven’t been using english on a regular basis for years, so apologies in avance if my writing feels weird !

Don’t know where to start…
Well, I’m a 23 y.o. girl, and never felt that good with myself. I also have been through a very conflictual relationship with food since the age of 5 or so (didn’t ate ANY veggie or fruit btw 6 and 14).
As I’ve never been used to eat wealthy at all, it went worse as I had to live on my own off my parent’s. I’m used to junk food binge, and of top of it, I hate cooking. Since I had to struggle with depression for years (and I’m now definitely off it ! Yeehaa !), cooking feels very difficult for me,not in terms of knowing what’s good for me to eat or not, but finding it hard to organize etc.

Plus, I’m totally broke, and after doing some basic maths I found out that being on huel would definitely spare me tons of money compared to usual junk food routine. Preparing huel is easy, quick, doesn’t involve a lot of dish washing and spares me the usual «omg wht should I buy/cook/eat» anxious thoughts.

Tried Huel once on a laid back routine for a try (new and improved vanilla) and found it totally ok as I’m not attached to tasty food, but salt/fatty food craves were the worst, physically speaking.

Now that exams are over and that I feel more free to start over a new huel journey, I thought it could help me to write here about my daily goals and achievements.

I’m 158 cm tall and I weight approx. 78 kg, loosing a first round of 10kg seems fair and reasonable to me, even if it must take time (4 months ?).
About kcal intakes, as far as I remember I should take about 10 cups of Huel/day to create a 500kcal gap. Calculators looked all different to me and I feel a bit lost. Any advice ? :slight_smile:

Also, I tend to get stomach burn very easily (alcool, fat food…), also happened to le while using huel. Any idea to improve that ? Maybe drink more water ?

To finish, I have this bad habit : always skip breakfast as I never feel hungry and tend to start work quite late (around 10am till 17pm). Is this something I should change ?

Thank you for reading this poorly writted long post, hope I’ll stick to it !



Bonjour :smiley:

Maths seems good. TDEE of around 2000kcal, -500kcal = 1500kcal to lose around 0.5kg per week.

1500kcal is around 10 scoops.

For fatty/salty cravings, I find a single slice of bacon pretty much gets rid of my craving for the whole day.

Merci :slight_smile:

So, I’ll go with this new routine from tomorrow, 3 scoops per shake and a smalley 1 scoop instead of snacking.

For mental health purpose, I won’t check my weight at all and check my progress with old pairs of jeans (I got all sizes from french 42 to french 38), loosing belly fat and go for a 40 by the end of the summer would make me happy.

I feel excited açd determined !

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Good luck!

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I find a single slice of bacon pretty much guarantees further slices of bacon; probably something to do with that fantastical RPG nonsense you keep mentioning.

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You what? Role playing games? Rocket propelled grenades?


Exactly. The games, not the grenades. If your stats are high enough you can perform unrealistic magical feats like lose weight.

[Edit] Willpower! I remembered.


Sounds like you need to put more base points into you strength stat, the “metabolism” sub-stat has a dependency on it.


Somebody was saying that a pinch of salt in their Huel helped with salt cravings. It helped me with foot/leg cramps too.

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I add about 1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to reduce acidity (avoid reflux) which has the added benefit of giving it a slightly ‘saltier’ or moorish taste.

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Whoa, that’s different!