Starting with Huel

Ever since I heard about Huel, actually I saw ready-to-drink meal at my Local Sainsbury’s about a year ago and I thought I’d have a go, see how it made me feel. Back then I had a different idea about things, therefore I didn’t continue with it back then, but only a month ago I opened Huel website and decided to give it another go, so I ordered my first Black Edition Huel Powder.
First days were a bit harder as my body needed to adjust, but as soon as that was past, there had been no problem. I’ve tried making my Huel with plant milk such as Almond and Coconut, I’ve added some strawberries here and there. Yet I still prefer it with 500ml water and simply 2 scoops of powder.
So far I’m enjoying it as I have also tried out some of the flavour boosts, which are absolutely delicious when mixed in with my Vanilla drink. I feel more energised since I’ve started drinking Huel and I am feeling better about myself in general.
I can’t wait to try out some more of flavour boosts or other flavours that ready-to-drink offers. I have added to my next order the snack bars that I’m excited to try.
So far my experience with Huel is positive and I try to find new ways how to make my meals even more pleasing.
I even got my aunt to try Huel, that’s how much I enjoy it.